Weekend Dresser Sale

This weekend featured sale is on two hand painted dressers. Each has been giving extra details to make them special . They are versatile to Use in the entry way, living room,kitchen ...really just about anywhere.

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Hope to see ya this weekend!

Coffee Table Makerover

Hi  wanted to share a recent table makeover. ,this one is different from the other tables I've done. The video below was from a Facebook Live  Video... hope you enjoy !

October Hostess Gift

Hi ! I wanted to share the October Hostess Special

Host a Candle Gathering in October and receive this beautiful Gift  FREE
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Summer's in Full Swing

Summer here in Jersey is in full swing, hot hazy days,the unexpected storms and the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetable. All the fresh blueberries, peaches means is pie time. I've made my share of both.. and lovin it.

That also mean it's time to stock up on all your summer fruit scents... 
Fresh Peaches, Jersey Blueberries, Strawberry, Black Cherries. 
Stop in and see what's new .

Good News Update !

Just wanted to share some good news regarding my Mom's recovery from melanoma surgery. We had our post surgery appointment follow up yesterday .. the incision and stitches look great. Mom's healing is doing wonderful, they are very pleased. No further visits are needed at this time. She now can relax and enjoy the summer. What a long road it was but we have no regrets with our treatment selection at University of Penn-Perelman Center , it was a very professional compassionate experience .


Summer + Relaxing at the Lake House + Lounger + Deck + ducks

New Scent !!!

Happy to share with you this new fragrance: Eucalyptus Spearmint. It's so very herbal, minty fresh. You'll feel like you're at the spa. Stop in ...and escape .

French Script Side Table

This little side table ugly beginnings, but it was sturdy and that's all that matter to me.

Mixing  "Patti Paint Paint"  and antique cream paint  I applied it to the entire piece. Next distressed the legs and side of table. This was I first attempt at applying  paper to furniture and I gotta  say it was fun.

So what do you think? I really love have it turned out... On to the next project.


Happy Belated Spring and A Cancer Journey

I want to wish everyone a belated First Day of  Spring!! Since I was a little  girl, I loved the first day of Spring, it's one of my favorite seasons. For me, it's a sign of new beginnings. The flowers start to bloom, days are getting longer, the birds sing a little louder each morning and the air has a fresh scent.

This spring has a very special meaning for new beginnings. I want to share a very special private moment in my life in hopes to help and advocate for early cancer detection. My apologize for this post being long.

In November my mom had commented about sharp pain near her eye, then notice a new brown spot shortly after. Now some might say it's just an age spot, but we thought to get it looked at.
Her Primary Care Doctor referred us to a dermatologist who performed an exam and biopsy. To our shock the biopsy revealed melanoma cancer. It was excepted to be a Lateral melanoma, which mean it spreads on the surface rather than growing deep. Because of the type and the location so close to her eye it would require a specialist to perform the removal, which lead us to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital for a further diagnosis.

Yesterday we meet with the surgeon who's to perform the surgical removal. It was indicated that we caught the cancer at the very early stage, therefore it did not have a chance to spread or advance. I know we're not out of the woods until she's on the road to recovery, but this was very good news. I want to share this message of early detection. If you see something ... Do something ..... Get it looked out.

So on this first day spring, this year has a very special meaning of new beginnings for me.
During this cancer journey I've leaned some lessons:

Patience ~ Learn to have more patience... You'll need it when trying to navigate through the Hospital/Doctor system, it moves soooooooo slow. Have Patience for one another too.

Persistence ~ Be aggressive with the care of your loved ones. If you don't understand something, make them explain again until you do. if your not happy with the Doctor.... Change to another.

Laughter ~  Find humor in each day, sometimes it's the best medicine. We find ourselves laughing at some of the silliest things.

Anger ~ It's OK to get angry... Don't apologize for it ... Release it. It will help you better cope with the next challenge.

Gratitude ~ Be of a grateful heart. I'm very grateful that my sister and I are able to help my mom through this process. Grateful she healthful , grateful for family support .

Until next post, enjoy Spring !

New CottonWood Wreath

New this week at the shop is this cotton wreath and stems.
I must say I'm a little obsessed with cotton wood look.
It complements farmhouse style, rustic or prim.

Valentine Craft Class

First Makeover for the New Year

I've never been so happy to get done a piece of furniture this one. It kicked my butt. 
The 80"s called... it doesn't want this dresser back. I chose this piece for it's study construction, it's a Basset   Here's the before and after pictures.

So to start, the white top had to go, replaced with gel stain in a walnut color. It took several coats and a few weeks to thoroughly cure. If you ever used gel stain , you can't be in a hurry. Next up all those white brassy knobs were removed and the piece was cleaned. I filled in the engraved design on the kick plate which dated the dresser.
Anyone who knows me , knows I love apothecary cabinets. So when I saw this piece I envisioned one. I measured the drawers to determine how many cubbies were needed.
To create the Faux cubby drawers were made with mahogany sheet goods. The second and third drawer were a breezy to cut and assemble. However the first drawer was a true pain in the butt. After many, many cuts and cuss words  I had to walk away for a while. I know it doesn't look difficult but it did require a little more detail.  This was not going to get the best of me, I came to far. So I got back into finishing the drawers.  Once the layout was glue and nailed, the fun began. Using my Paint Powder in a Antique Cream several coats were applied. To add some texture, it was aged with my special gel. Then came the hardware, I know the drawer pulls were going to be expensive ( $$) because there is 12 of them. But no other pull would do,so I bite the bullet.
So here she is

Side by Side Look

I love how it tuned out.What do you think?