First Makeover for the New Year

I've never been so happy to get done a piece of furniture this one. It kicked my butt. 
The 80"s called... it doesn't want this dresser back. I chose this piece for it's study construction, it's a Basset   Here's the before and after pictures.

So to start, the white top had to go, replaced with gel stain in a walnut color. It took several coats and a few weeks to thoroughly cure. If you ever used gel stain , you can't be in a hurry. Next up all those white brassy knobs were removed and the piece was cleaned. I filled in the engraved design on the kick plate which dated the dresser.
Anyone who knows me , knows I love apothecary cabinets. So when I saw this piece I envisioned one. I measured the drawers to determine how many cubbies were needed.
To create the Faux cubby drawers were made with mahogany sheet goods. The second and third drawer were a breezy to cut and assemble. However the first drawer was a true pain in the butt. After many, many cuts and cuss words  I had to walk away for a while. I know it doesn't look difficult but it did require a little more detail.  This was not going to get the best of me, I came to far. So I got back into finishing the drawers.  Once the layout was glue and nailed, the fun began. Using my Paint Powder in a Antique Cream several coats were applied. To add some texture, it was aged with my special gel. Then came the hardware, I know the drawer pulls were going to be expensive ( $$) because there is 12 of them. But no other pull would do,so I bite the bullet.
So here she is

Side by Side Look

I love how it tuned out.What do you think?