New Life to an Old Hamper

I don't know why I put this project off so long. I wanted to make this old tired hamper into a cabinet for the longest time. Having a drawer and being all wood I knew it would be more functional cabinet. 

Here's the before/after picture.

I removed the fold down door, began removing all the louvers (saved them for other uses) . Filled all the opening for a smoother look, removed all the hardware, filled in the middle where the knob used to be. I had to cut and fit two shelves for the inside of the cabinet. It was all started to come together now. Fitted the hinges to make the door functional. I used my chalk paint powder with Drop Cloth paint color (it's not white or cream, kinda the best of both worlds).
I chose to lightly distress back to reveal some age. I truly love how this turned out.

DIY Card File Makeover

I have a soft spot for any and all card files. I found this card file while junking one day. I lovingly referred to it a the "poop color" cabinet. What I loved about the cabinet was that it had the original stand, very hard to find and it also had original hardware too.


I looked past all the negative features knowing the potential it had. After a good cleaning, sanding I removed all the hardware for a deep cleaning too. I painted the cabinet in my go-to Drop Cloth paint for a neutral color base. Spray painted the hardware in an oil rubbed bronze. Here she is after

Isn't she beautiful ?? Now available at the store.

DIY Farmhouse Tray Stand

I love Cake Stands, they are so much fun to change with the seasons. They add elevation to your grouping displays. I'm always on the hunt for a good thrift makeover, so I only had to look as far has my own stash for this makeover. A candle stick and a $$ store cake pan is all I need to make this Farmhouse Cake Stand .

1.To age the shiny cake pan, I used a steel wool pad to rough up the pan, then I took some Lysol toilet cleaner and continue to rough it up more again with the steel wool pad. Then sprinkled kosher salt all over it and place it in the sun for the afternoon. ( You can repeat this process as much as you like til you get your desired galvanized look.)

2. I took the wood candle stick , base coated with black paint. After it was dried I added several coats of my chalk paint in dropcloth 
( you can buy my paint powder  ) which is like an off white.
Once it was dried I sanded back the top coat to reveal some black paint- creating a chippy look.

3. I took the pan, after sitting in the sun all afternoon - and rinsed it off. If it's not your desired look- just repeat this process again. I was ok with the look the first time. 

4. Grab some E360 glue, measured the center of the pan and glue the wood candlestick to the center. Let it to set up overnight. It's now ready to be displayed with a candle and greenery or group several Cake Stand for a larger grouping. 


New Craft Class

Here's our Next  Craft Class !! Saturday May 11, 2019 

Morning Crafting  9a.m. - 11:00a.m.

Join us for  a morning crafting Fun

This HOME Sign is perfect for your home or Mother's Day gift.

Everything is provided for this class. You'll be painting, distressing,

 stenciling your sign along with the  greenery wreath.

You must pay for your seat before the class

New Farmhouse Sign

I've been wanting to create this sign the moment I saw it. Starting with raw wood planks of different sizes, stained , painted and sanded back to reveal distressing. For this project I pulled out my silhouette to make the lettering stencil. When it was done I debated to frame it,then I remember I had an old chippy window , it was a perfect fit. Now completed it compliments my spring garden theme I has going on in the shop.

May Hostess Gift

May's hosting gift is this beautiful custom centerpiece.
 Choose the color the wood serving tray, a hostess only 24 oz. 
2-wick Jar with a scent of your choice.

Schedule your Candle Gathering by phone, text or email

Patti 856-712-0682 email:

NEW Tuscan Herb Scent

Looking for an uplifting refreshing herbal scent? This scent is sure to relax and invigorate your senses. You will love this fabulous earthy scent, with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, Rosemary, spearmint ,tarragon and green moss. I think you'll really enjoy this one.