Such a Sweet way to Start your Day

These beautiful flowers were waiting for me when I arrived at work. 
What a sweet surprise from my youngest daughter . I'm very blessed to have thoughtful children.
needless to say I had a great Day...hope you did too.

New Class

Well this has been a long time coming and I couldn't be more excited to share this with you.

"Home" Wood Sign Class $40.00

This is a must have for any farmhouse or primitive home.
Join me Saturday July 14, 2018 for a morning of crafting
9am- 11:00am
At: A Whole New Light

You'll learn to use chalk paint, choose paint color for sign, distress and assemble your sign. 
All material and instruction will be provide including the greenery wreath, (which may vary)
Tell your friends !

Payment is easy and necessary before the class . Use the link below to save your seat.

Cast Away

This little sewing cabinet and basket were a curbside cast off.  I was looking for a project that was a bright  color with some flowers.This piece is a little different style than I normally do, but i new knew this piece would be perfect. After a good cleaning I painted the piece with Country Chic paint. One of the drawer was beyond fixing so I turned it into a shelf and added the white washed basket. I decoupaged a $$ Tree napkin on the drawer front. The tin container was to shiny for me, so I aged it and added some bright flowers. I really like out it turned out.

Finding My way Back

I almost never share with you my personal life, since were are all friends here I feel we can have this talk. I apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who recently visited the shop only to find we were closed. I hope to be able to explain the reasons, sorry in advance for this long post.

The loss of my mother on May 10, 2018 has been devastating not just for me but my whole family. Mom's journey started a year ago with a diagnose of melanoma, while conducting routine testing leading towards surgery it was discovered that she also had lung cancer. Up to this point in mom's life (87), she was a vibrant, high spirited independent women. Mom chose to treat the melanoma first. She came through the surgery and recovery fast with no complication. Her positive strength through it all taught me such a great lesson of grace and faith.

Once we started to explore the treatment for lung cancer, they discovered she had ductile breast cancer. How is all this possible, they say god only gives you what you can handle; but this news has become too much to handle. My mom was a devoted catholic, attending church daily, it was her faith that helped her through this journey of six weeks course of Chemo and Radiation. With just 7 radiation treatment left, the last treatment was to be on my birthday. We both looked forward to celebrating and enjoying her new life, instead I buried my Mom on my birthday. Mom was my best friend, my everything.  I never imagined I would have to continue on without her so soon.

So I encourage you to take, more importantly make time, for those you truly love while you still have them. Resolve any old issues, plan an unexpected visit, make that call to a loved one. Time is the only thing in life we can't get back. Take care friends.

Our weekly grocery shopping : Mom, my daughter, my grandchildren, and I.

Mom, Young

Take time to smell the Flowers


I hope you have the chance to enjoy spring floral bounty. It's so nice to see and smell all the beautiful colors this spring. Although here in NJ we are having a really rainy spring, I still enjoy taking time to view all the flowers. I especially enjoy visiting all the local garden center to plan my what I'll be planting in my containers this year.

What plants do you look forward when spring arrives?  I hope you take time within your day to enjoy the warmer weather... try taking your lunch outside or take a walking on your break. This will give you energy to finish your day, encourage your creativity.

Scents to Beat the Winter Blues

Sometimes the winter months with the long days, shortness of daylight and cold temps can make us feel completely out of sync with our natural schedules, and it can make winter the most draining time of the year. But luckily, there’s a way to beat the winter blues with  candles fragrance . here’s some of my fragrance tips:

Here are five of my favorite scents to help Long Winter Months:
·         Lavender. Probably the best-known scent to soothe                 and relieveanxiety and depression, lavender can                       make you feel drowsy and relaxed. ... Lavendar Mist
.     Peppermint. ... Candy Cane, Vanilla Mint
.   Sandalwood. ... Sandlewood
         Eucalyptus. Our Candle: Eucalyptus Spearmint
     Rose : Victorian Rose
  Lemon : Biscotti Lemon

.  Basil : Basil Sage Mint
.       Ginger, Cinnamon Clove: Gingerbread Cookies,Cinnamon,Homestead, Cinnamon Buns, Almost Home
·        Spruce Tree Scent Citrus  Spruce,Christmas Garland



Feeling Really Blue ?

These should help bring a more positive feeling: basil, sage, geranium, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, rose, sandalwood are just a few

Fatigue/lack of energy

Forget the coffee: if you need to pep up, inhale some rosemary, peppermint, lemon, basil, ginger, tea tree or cypress instead. It will revive each of your senses!
Burn a lavender candle for an hour before bedtime to wake in the morning feeling refreshed and energetic.
Let’s face it–winter is irritating! And not just for the mind, chamomile, sage, berries and rose can help .

 Unfocused thoughts

If you don’t dig flowery scents, Sandalwood has a very earthy smell and is a known antidepressant. It has extensive therapeutic benefits such as clarity and calmness, and has an effect on overall well-being such as mental health.


Head all over the place? Some sage, myrrh, or spruce scent whenever you feel in a cloud.

Appetite control Overeating? Feeling bloated?


If you’re a stress eater, Peppermint  decreases hunger cravings and helps you kick your habit of eating when you’re stressed. It also reduces pain and relaxes muscles when applied topically, and improves focus and concentration for long periods of wakefulness. It’s also a great smell for the winter because it reminds me of Christmas, which can also lead to an elevated mood.

Weekend Dresser Sale

This weekend featured sale is on two hand painted dressers. Each has been giving extra details to make them special . They are versatile to Use in the entry way, living room,kitchen ...really just about anywhere.

Click link to play video:

Hope to see ya this weekend!