5 Quick Ways to Decorate With Candles

 Here are some simple, affordable ways to decorate

your candles. I first suggest to shop your home for 

items that can be used, such as a cake stand, wood bowls,

a stack of coordinated color books as riser are some of my

favorite items. Don't forget to look for vintage items at thrift

stores if you need to buy items.

1. On the fireplace hearth or mantel

Whether it's on the mantel, hearth, or inside the firebox, candles are the perfect fireplace accessory.




 2. On a Cake Stand

For an easy centerpiece or table decoration, simply add a candle and some smaller items to a cake stand. Add as little or as much additional decor as you wish. It's all about what you like.




3. On a side table




Cozy up any living space by adding a candle to an end table, side table, or coffee table. Stack them on books or add them to a tray with additional decor to make a bigger statement.


                              4.  Pillar candle holders

Elevate your candles for more impact. Look for pillar candle stands with a wide enough area for your candles. Use multiple stands with varying heights in a grouping for more drama, and place additional candles or decor on them. For safety, please be sure your stands are large and sturdy enough for your candle.



5. On a Riser




A super quick and easy centerpiece can be made by adding a candle and some seasonal decor to a Riser or Tray. 

NEW ! Candle Loyalty Program


 Candle Loyalty Program

Here’s everything you need to know:

All done burning your candle? Bring us back the empty jar + lid and get a stamp. On the 12th stamp, you’ll get ½ off your next 12oz. Candle purchase. It’s literally that easy! 

The program will be an in-store promotion and will require you to show your loyalty card with every return!


  • Our loyalty program is valid on our 12oz  candles  must be returned clean (no wicks + no wax)

  • Receive a card punch with every return. 

  • In-store only.

Thank you for helping us recycle! 

You make the world a better place, Patti

scents to warm your winter mood

Has the winter cold been getting to you? Try turning to some of these warming scents to lift your winter mood back up. Let me know if you use any of these scents to help boost your mood this winter. 

Ginger: Try our Ginger Fig 

Ginger is also such an energizing scent and will help to keep your spirits high. This is so important in the winter, at a time when loneliness and depression are more common. 

Cinnamon: Try our Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon is known for its warm and sweet aroma. It also brings with it a number of health benefits that are particularly important in the winter months, such as preventing colds and coughs, relieving pain, fighting off infections, and reducing stress. 


Clove Bud: Try our Almost Home


Warm and spicy, clove is able to help with common winter ailments, including colds, coughs, and sinusitis. It can also help with digestive problems, such as nausea, making it quite the therapeutic oil.

Not only that, but clove oil increases blood circulation, which can go a long way in boosting heart health during the winter.

Nutmeg:  Try our Dough Bowl

The sweet, warm, and slightly woody scent of nutmeg is also known for being able to improve cognitive function. It clears away feelings of stress and exhaustion while improving concentration and productivity.

 Vanilla: Try our French Vanilla

The sweet scent of vanilla is instantly recognizable, and so many find this fragrance extremely comforting. 

Vanilla is known for being able to lift the mood and promote feelings of happiness. It provides a calming effect to the brain, it has been used by hospitals for decades to keep patients calm.

Vanilla is also able to lower blood pressure and encourage a restful sleep, which is why this scent is often used in the evenings. 


       Pine: Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree candle isn’t just for the holidays, it’s wonderful to burn year-round.  Pine needles are woody, earthy,  and fresh as well as incredibly warming. This is a cleansing and clearing scent, not only in terms of air quality but also when it comes to a cluttered mind. It is also able to help reduce feelings of fatigue, which is something that many experiences on a dreary winter’s day. 

5 scents that inspire you to declutter

 As you put away your Christmas decorations for another year,

 you're inspired to start to declutter your home for a new clean 

new year. 

Here are 5 scents from our candle line that will keep you 

motivated while you declutter. 

1. Lavender: notes of  Freesia, Chamomile, English Lavender, Vanilla, 

White Musk

2.  Tea Leaf: notes of fresh lemon peel, very exotic blend of oriental spices with hints of jasmine and slightly spicy ginger.

3.  Eucalyptus - Spearmint: notes of Spearmint, Bergamot, Eucalyptus

 Patchouli and, Cedarwood 

4.  Sea Breeze: Salty marine notes with a blend of willow winds,  rainfall mist, 

and sea kelp creates the perfect spa-like scent.

5. Lemon Biscotti: Notes of zesty lemon rind rounded out with buttery yellow sponge cake, toasted coconut, and buttercream frosting. Yum!

Remember you do you ... when choosing your fragrance for your 

home's environment. Here are some of my scent suggestions to place 

in each room of your home.

The Bedroom: Lavender

Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation, so it’s important to 

set a scene to reflect that peaceful atmosphere. Lavender is a 

good choice for a relaxing bedroom scent, as it can help you 

drift off into a soothing slumber-filled sleep with pleasant 


Bathroom: Sea Breeze or

Eucalyptus - Spearmint

For a fresh bathroom ambiance, adorn your bathing space 

with mint, or ocean-inspired scented candles that 

make your home feel clean . Sea Breeze will take you 

to warm sandy beaches with sun-filled skies.

                                                       Living Room - Tea Leaf

The living room is where most of the entertaining and time

with close ones is spent, so it’s important to choose a scent

that is agreeable and not too overpowering.  Think clean and

comfortable, think Tea Leaf.

Kitchen - Lemon Biscotti 

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, nothing says home

then the aroma of baked goods coming from the kitchen. Lemon

Biscotti scent offers you the best of both, a warm baking aroma and

the fresh scent of lemons.

Tell me your favorite scents for your home.

Black Friday In Store Specials


Black Friday Special wanted to share are in-store

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has recovered from all that turkey.. 

it's time to shop. Use this Black Friday Special to shop and save. We have a 

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Look forward to seeing you!

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New Scent... Cozy Cabin

 Are you looking to capture the scent of a cozy

 cabin in the woods? This scent has very complex

 notes of cinnamon, amber, clove, ghost flower, 

softened patchouli, vanilla, and anise. Told ya 

it’s complex, it’s one of my new favorites, very spicy

and strong. Stop in the shop and smell , or simply

order online.


Vintage Pumpkin Shutter Class

Join us to create this Vintage Pumpkin Shutter

Sunday October 24, 2021 from 12:00 pm - 2:00pm

How cute is this! 

Using a vintage shutter to create this one-of-a-kind pumpkin.  

We'll be painting the pumpkin, stem, and star.  Attaching the stem

 adding a raffia bow and texture twigs under the

 star will complete ths cute pumpkin.

Use the link below to signing up and save your seat