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Christmas Garland & Easy Holiday DIY

As the snowing was falling today the view made everything look so festive, helping me in the holiday spirit. Our Christmas Garland scent is a combination of Pine,Balsam Fir and Spruce scent, just right aromas to recreate a forest atmosphere. A must try for the winter season.  

The DIY Holiday stacked books were so much fun. Start in the Dollar store book section and selected two of the same books. With a utility knife I scored the book cover loose from the pages, which still keep the pages and book together. I had small word stencils to apply the words Joy and Believe on each book. I also have a set that say Merry Christmas .... you get the idea you can apply any words or nothing at ..... I love uses books as props. leave your comments below on what words you would use.

Mid Century Highboy Dresser Makeover

This makeover has a special meaning. Mid Century Blonde 1950, all wood highboy dresser had been lovingly refinished with all the original hardware. I used a very neutral color so as to fit all decorating styles.

This piece is part of a large set, which consist of a large dresser and mirror. I'll share some the the details on the refinishing process..

Here's the Before

A very solid sturdy piece ... just needed some color updating. Structurally everything was sound.I was amazed how the hardware cleaned up to a beautiful original color patina. They just don't make furniture like this anymore.


Here she is ... all dressed up ready for a new home. The color is my custom blend, I call Drop-cloth because its' not stark white and not a beige. It's very neutral for a Farmhouse or Primitive style decorating. She's all ready for a new home and new stories.

Coffee Scent Soy Candles

The weather here in Jersey has gone right in winter...brrr

It's a good time to cozy up to a hot cup of coffee.

We've adding new coffee scents to our soy candle line.

This scent has been a big hit since I brought it out

So it fitting to have it as our Freebie Friday giveaway this week

The scent is : Orange Vanilla Coffee... it's so yummy

If you never joined us for our Freebie Friday's giveaways on our FaceBook page... your missing out

on some awesome goodies.

This Week's Freebie Friday Giveaway

This is a 2-item giveaway (value $25). Go to our facebook page: A Whole New Light to see the details to enter.
Good Luck

DIY Olive Tree Topicary

I've been seeing these Olive Tree Topiaries all over the internet

and have been wanting one for my home. Love how they look but 

not the price. Here's examples of the trees. 

Ballard Designs $49 - $89

This is $26.00

There's so many different ways to get the look, but the one for me

the most cost effective is the one I'll share below.

I already had the pot, it just had some ugly flowers that I pulled 

out. If you don't have a pot, Dollar Tree has some budget terra- 

cotta pot 2/1.00 that will do.Next I went to Hobby Lobby during 

their floral stem 50% off  sale  and pick this full stem branch.This 

is how my tutorial differs from others. I think for the price you'll 

achieve a really full tree with no supports needed with 

this branch verus picks. 

Here's the olive branch item number  that you'll need:

I had to make the center opening larger in the pot, then pushed 

the branch in and arrange the branches to mimic a tree.I love 

how it turned out ... and really love the $8.00 Price.I think I'll 

make another one.

What think??

Freebie Fridays

I've been having a lot of fun with our new segment Freebie Friday's. 

Every Friday I run a Giveaway on Facebook. 

Follow a few steps to enter ..... that's it. Here our recent

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Winner is : Patrica B M