Let's Get Together

 With the lifting of COVID restriction of social gatherings, summertime offers the ability

to host a candle gather outside. Warm summer evenings make candle shopping very

 inviting experience.

Did you know you can host a Candle Gather in our private party room at the shop? 

Simple invite your friends and family and I'll take care of the refreshments and sides. 

Your guest can enjoy shopping the entire store as well has taking home 

their gifts that night. As a hostess you'll recieve credit from all sales for your free 

shopping spree. Reach out to me, let's talk what best suits your gathering needs.

Two Projects for $1.25 each

 I came across a great deal for these sets of stools, 2 for $5.00. Don't ever pass up buying 

those cheapo stools you see. I love a good stool project that's budget-friendly. I knew I 

wanted to make a riser and a  plant standout of one stool.

Here's the before

The mistake I made that I'll share with you when buying stools make sure the legs

are round. On this set they were a weird shape, they are round and square... very weird

and harder to cut. I got it done but can be a challenge if your new to cutting stools.

I measured down 12" down from the seat to make my cut. Lightly sanded

everything before painting and heavily sanded down the seat for a natural wood look.

I used my go-to off-white paint for the legs. Taped off the seat and stenciled a faded grain

sack design ontop.


For the planter portion:

I used the same paint and placed a small board I already had on hand to hold the planter.

I'm happy how both turned out and how budget friendly it is for $1.25 for each item.

Look What I did with This

Don't pass up these signs at garage sales or Dollar Store. I love any kind of farm sign, 

I especially love this inspiration sign below

So when I saw this sign at Dollar Tree I knew I wanted to make one.

I started by turning it over to remove the ribbon and gave it a light sanding.

I didn't worry about filling in where the stable was, I thought it would

make the sign rustic. I base coated with black paint.

The next step is to topcoat with a color of your choice. I choose a creamy off-white. once

it was dried I lightly sanded the edges and in the middle to reveal the worn black look. 

Now if you don't have a cutting machine to make the letters, no worries you can buy 

them right at the dollar store. I have a cutting machine to cut each sign, applied the 

stencil and hand-painted each sign. Once dried I again sanded the entire sign for a worn 

look to the letters.  If you're using the dollar tree lettering, you'll want to sand the sign

again to reveal more distressing, then place your letters on top of the sign.

Here is the finish sign, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Next time I'm going

 to get a few more signs to make a larger one for fall. Share if you ever make one? 


New Raw Wood Look Buffet

 I just finished this cute buffet in a look I've been wanting to do for a while now

Raw wood look with all the light wood variations is so clean and farmhouse modern.

I'm still trying to get better at taking before pictures, this is the only picture I took.

This was too orange for me. I especially like the wheels. So I started sanding, and

sanding and then sanded some more until I got down to raw wood. It was a lot 

of sanding, but so worth it. Then I used whitewash. Basically, you apply a wash

and wipe back right away. You can add extra layers until you happy with the 

look. I love the different wood tones.  I painted the inside with primer-sealer, then added 

a neutral color inside too. I even-aged and sealed the original hardware.

The whole outside was sealed to a matte finish. 

Here's the after



Shiplap Sides

So tell me what you think....

It's Blueberry Season

It's that time of year again here in Jersey... blueberries!!!

Our Jersey Blueberry candle scent is an amazingly

 authethic scent to this sweet little berry. 

Our 12oz. Copper Lid jar is the perfect size to try out this scent. 

At just $12.00 a jar, you'll enjoy about 72 hours of burning pleasures.

New Project

 Hope everyone is doing well. Here's the latest completed project. When I saw this chair I loved it right away. I knew what I was going to do with it. It is structurally sound and I really like the style.


So after a good cleaning, I mixed up my chalk in "DropCloth" color which is a creamy off-white.  It was distressed back lightly and then sealed in a matte sealer.

I covered the seat area in dropcloth material. I'm in no way a professional upholstery but I  do my best. So here's the after.  

Side by Side

So what do you think?

Our Best Selling Apple Scent

 We've been having cold snowy weather lately, I've thinking of springtime. To brighten my spirits  I've been burning our #1 apple scent.... Apple Crisp. This scent is loved by men too, Blends of  apples, a touch of spices rolled in a home baking scent is the sure cure for being in the house this winter.