Feed Sack Stool Makeover

Sometimes you just need a good old easy makeover , escipally 

after finishing a changing piece.  I like refinishing stools , they're 

so versatile as seating , resting your feet or for displaying items. I 

was drawn to this stool because of it's shape, you mosting see 

square stools . Having wanting to do something with my stash of 

feed sacks, finding one that fit was exciting.

After disassembling and giving the seating a good cleaning, I 

got busy cutting and fitting the feed sack, painted the wood 

frame in an off white. I'm still debating about aging the fame...

but for now I'll wait on that step. This was a fairly quick project to 

complete . What do you think??

November Hostess Special

November Hostess Special

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Smells of Fall

I've been enjoying all my fall favorite scents now that there's a 

chill in the air. There's something about fall that creates an

instant cozy feeling in a home. The smells of cinnamons, apples, 

warm vanilla all help make a home cozy. What are some of 

your fall favorite scents?  

New Crafting Class

Join us on Friday October 18,2019 @ 6:30-8:00pm
to learn how to make these cute 
Faux Candy Apples

Just in time to add to your fall decor are these adorable faux

Candy Apples. This is a make & take crafting class. You'll 

complete these apples that night, All supplies and instructions 

provided. Payment prior to the class is required. So call  a couple 

girlfriends for an evening of laughs and crafting.

Pay for your seat here:  

New Card File Cabinet

I love the look of card file cabinets and the look of raw natural 

wood. So my latest project I decided to use both techniques on 

this solid wood dresser. Not much to look at in it's current state.


I started bybleacking the wood , allowing it to dry in the sun. I 

repeated this step 4 times, sanding in between each bleaching

until I had the light raw wood look I wanted. Mixing some of my 

off white paint and water to create a white wash , I applied 

several light coats, then wiped back some area that to reveal 

more natural wood.

I think hardware make a projects. I chose an antique brass look 

for the pulls and card file . I'm so very happy with how it turned 


New Side Table

This week in the shop and I've been busier than usual with so 

many projects going but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's 

the latest furniture piece I finished. It's an Ethan Allen solid

wood side table. Even though the piece is dated,it still has good 

bones and style. To start I removed the backing on the piece and 

gave it good cleaning. For a classic look I painted in my creamy 

off white color , sealed the entire piece for ease of future 

cleaning. Using the existing hardware and put them though my 

aging process and assembled it.   



Isn't she pretty... all ready for a new home.

May not feel like Fall... but it Smells Like It

Mother nature is being unpredictable with the weather here

lately. One day it feels like Fall... next day it's like summer never 

left. I'm not letting this stop me from decorating for Fall and 

enjoying my favorite scents of the year.  All the apples scents like cider, apple crisp , spiced apples have been filling the air 

here in my home and in the shop. Here's some pictures from the 

shop , it's still a work in process, so check back again.

I hope you stop in when your in the area to see and smell a taste 

of fall till next time friends.