3 Reason Scented Candles make the Best Mothers Day Gift


1. Scented Candles are Relaxing

Mom’s love and need to unwind. A scented candle,

with a good book, maybe even a glass of something

chilled…  creates a calming relaxing space. Candles

with the scent of Lavender or Breezy Juniper 

will put Mom at ease.


 2. Candles last longer than flowers (and chocolates, without the calories)

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers but we all know,

they don’t last for long. Our 12oz candles have a burn

time of approximately 72 hours, so even if Mom lights

it for a couple of hours every evening, that’s still

lasts longer than most bouquets.

3. The whole family will enjoy them

A long-lasting scent will give your home a cozy

warm feeling, which everyone will appreciate.

As Moms, we like to create a home that is warm

and inviting home every one to return and feel safe.

Whether your scent style is spicy, like Almost Home,

Dough Bowl or you enjoy the baking aromas of Sugar

Cookies, Cornbread, or Apple Pie.

Let us help you pick the perfect candle for your mom.

Shop in-store or online, we have a scent to match

your Mom's style.