5 Quick Ways to Decorate With Candles

 Here are some simple, affordable ways to decorate

your candles. I first suggest to shop your home for 

items that can be used, such as a cake stand, wood bowls,

a stack of coordinated color books as riser are some of my

favorite items. Don't forget to look for vintage items at thrift

stores if you need to buy items.

1. On the fireplace hearth or mantel

Whether it's on the mantel, hearth, or inside the firebox, candles are the perfect fireplace accessory.




 2. On a Cake Stand

For an easy centerpiece or table decoration, simply add a candle and some smaller items to a cake stand. Add as little or as much additional decor as you wish. It's all about what you like.




3. On a side table




Cozy up any living space by adding a candle to an end table, side table, or coffee table. Stack them on books or add them to a tray with additional decor to make a bigger statement.


                              4.  Pillar candle holders

Elevate your candles for more impact. Look for pillar candle stands with a wide enough area for your candles. Use multiple stands with varying heights in a grouping for more drama, and place additional candles or decor on them. For safety, please be sure your stands are large and sturdy enough for your candle.



5. On a Riser




A super quick and easy centerpiece can be made by adding a candle and some seasonal decor to a Riser or Tray.