Two Projects for $1.25 each

 I came across a great deal for these sets of stools, 2 for $5.00. Don't ever pass up buying 

those cheapo stools you see. I love a good stool project that's budget-friendly. I knew I 

wanted to make a riser and a  plant standout of one stool.

Here's the before

The mistake I made that I'll share with you when buying stools make sure the legs

are round. On this set they were a weird shape, they are round and square... very weird

and harder to cut. I got it done but can be a challenge if your new to cutting stools.

I measured down 12" down from the seat to make my cut. Lightly sanded

everything before painting and heavily sanded down the seat for a natural wood look.

I used my go-to off-white paint for the legs. Taped off the seat and stenciled a faded grain

sack design ontop.


For the planter portion:

I used the same paint and placed a small board I already had on hand to hold the planter.

I'm happy how both turned out and how budget friendly it is for $1.25 for each item.