Ironstone Diy Makeover

Hi friends, I've got the itch for spring flowers and I wanted to

share an idea for those who love ironstone pitcher etc... but 

not the price tag that sometime comes with ironware. While out 

junking the other day I came across this pitcher. To be totally

honest green was not my first color of choice, but I loved the

shape and envisioned my  ironstone pitcher with beautiful 

spring flowers.


Supplies list is very minimal .

1.Give your pitcher a good cleaning.

2. My choice of spray paint is 

3. Optional step: Clear coat needed if using real flowers where washing is involved.

3.Let's start, after cleaning and completely dry take your project outside. Remember you want to spray several very light even coats until you reach a total coverage finish.
Wait until all coats are dry before adding more layers.
Guys... because the wheat design was not raised I didn't sand it, 
just sprayed over it. Don't forget to turn your piece over to spray the bottom and the inside.

5. Optional; step: I'd used a clear matte coat in the event I choose to use real flowers at any time. 

That's it... fill with your favorite flowers and enjoy. I love how it 

turned out. Which flowers do you like? Greenery or lavender bush.