DIY Olive Tree Topicary

I've been seeing these Olive Tree Topiaries all over the internet

and have been wanting one for my home. Love how they look but 

not the price. Here's examples of the trees. 

Ballard Designs $49 - $89

This is $26.00

There's so many different ways to get the look, but the one for me

the most cost effective is the one I'll share below.

I already had the pot, it just had some ugly flowers that I pulled 

out. If you don't have a pot, Dollar Tree has some budget terra- 

cotta pot 2/1.00 that will do.Next I went to Hobby Lobby during 

their floral stem 50% off  sale  and pick this full stem branch.This 

is how my tutorial differs from others. I think for the price you'll 

achieve a really full tree with no supports needed with 

this branch verus picks. 

Here's the olive branch item number  that you'll need:

I had to make the center opening larger in the pot, then pushed 

the branch in and arrange the branches to mimic a tree.I love 

how it turned out ... and really love the $8.00 Price.I think I'll 

make another one.

What think??