Finding My way Back

I almost never share with you my personal life, since were are all friends here I feel we can have this talk. I apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who recently visited the shop only to find we were closed. I hope to be able to explain the reasons, sorry in advance for this long post.

The loss of my mother on May 10, 2018 has been devastating not just for me but my whole family. Mom's journey started a year ago with a diagnose of melanoma, while conducting routine testing leading towards surgery it was discovered that she also had lung cancer. Up to this point in mom's life (87), she was a vibrant, high spirited independent women. Mom chose to treat the melanoma first. She came through the surgery and recovery fast with no complication. Her positive strength through it all taught me such a great lesson of grace and faith.

Once we started to explore the treatment for lung cancer, they discovered she had ductile breast cancer. How is all this possible, they say god only gives you what you can handle; but this news has become too much to handle. My mom was a devoted catholic, attending church daily, it was her faith that helped her through this journey of six weeks course of Chemo and Radiation. With just 7 radiation treatment left, the last treatment was to be on my birthday. We both looked forward to celebrating and enjoying her new life, instead I buried my Mom on my birthday. Mom was my best friend, my everything.  I never imagined I would have to continue on without her so soon.

So I encourage you to take, more importantly make time, for those you truly love while you still have them. Resolve any old issues, plan an unexpected visit, make that call to a loved one. Time is the only thing in life we can't get back. Take care friends.

Our weekly grocery shopping : Mom, my daughter, my grandchildren, and I.

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