American Bowl Filler Tutorial

Just in time for 4th of July Holiday !!

Today I'm going to share an easy and affordable tutorial.

A Whole New Light's photo.

So here's your material list:
1. Package of 4 flags, purchased at Walmart

2. Scissors , needle and thread or a sewing machine

3. Muslin material or fabric of your choice for the back of flags

4. Ploy -fill stuffing

Instruction :
1. Take  each flag out of the package, carefully take it off the stick


2. Take your muslin or fabric and cut a piece for the back of each flag. Try to cut it about the same size as the flag.

3. Turn your flag over, place muslin fabric on top. Hand stick or machine sew three sides, leaving on side open to stuff.
I left the star side open.

4. Turn flag inside out, lightly stuff  with ploy-fill . 
Hand stick last opening closed. 

5. Repeat for  the remaining flags.

Optional Step
If your like the natural look of your flags, display them and enjoy.

If you want a primitive look like I did  here's an additional step.

6. Take all your pillows,soak them in a big bowl with some brewed tea bags( tea and water). Soak for a few hours. Then remove, ring out excess tea water, let dry.

Place in a bowl of choice and Enjoy !!!