I'm Back

So the last few weeks I've been visiting my son in Indiana . What a busy time it was. Our my objective was to finish the garage drywall we started last year . Happy to say that we successfully hung over 15 sheets of drywall, tapped , Spackled and sanded. Done !!!


           Had to share one of the many beautiful sunsets after a long, hard day at work.          


We had a chance to catch a comedy show in a quaint town of Evansville, Indiana. Before the show we grabbed something to eat a German Restaurant . I knew it was going to be a great experience when we walk in and smelled all the amazing food aromas. We enjoyed local craft beer, fried pickle, and a delicious Ruben sandwiches and some laughs. We had such a great time.

Old National Theater 


Our time together always seems to go bye so quick. As we packed to come home, Brandon was packing to go back on the road for the next race. As we left for home, we caught a beautiful sunrise.