DIY Colander Lamp

I've been wanting to make a Colander  Hanging lamp for a long time. It took a while to find one that had  stars on. So when I  found one, I  did the happy dance .

Here's  the  tutorial.

Supply List :

*Colander of choice
*Lamp Kit ( I got mine at Lowes . It had  Lamp the   wire , chain,  ceiling hooks)
*Pull Chain socket

Finial  for top of Colander' pipe thread if needed

1. Find the center of the colander, drill a whole the same diameter of your lamp fittings.

2. Thread wire through chain

3. Attach finial and thread pipe , pull lamp wire thru it .Carefully put aside .

4. Take your Pull chain socket  apart.

5. Take your chain & wire assembly , pull it thru the top of the colander and attach wires on to socket.
If you not able to the electrical wiring, have the hubby or  an electrician do this step.

6. Insert the appropriate size light bulb wattage.(I used a 40 watt)

Now your ready to hang and Enjoy !!