Easiest Diy Mercury Glass

Christmas is next week and I'm still doing crafts. 
Mercury glass decorating is everywhere this year. I've look all over the internet and Pintrest for the easiest tutorial to achieve the look in just a few steps. I finally came up with the easiest tutorial. Gathering your supplies:

  • Any clean clear glass
  • Looking glass spray paint from Krylon. Although you can find other alternatives at Lowes too.   
  • Pure acetone, found at beauty supply store.
  • Printed Newspaper

1. I made sure the glass was clean. Then I sprayed it according to the direction, two coats may be necessary. Let dry.

2. Once completely dried,I took some newspaper rolled into a ball, opened it . Take and lightly wet the paper with the acetone and then dab against the glass. Pounce it around  in a a random pattern until you like the effect. That's it. Now enjoy.

Snowman Bucket

I love this adorable Snowman Bucket , painted by the very talented artist Kimberly English. Watch out her video on the creation of this prim snowman bucket.


Be sure to check her website out too .

New Soy Scent and New Creations

                                          Creamy Vanilla Mint
This is such a creamy, refreshing mint scent. Not too sweet...  not too minty, just the perfect blend.


I've been busy this week restocking the store. I had some time to finish some projects. They both started with a cream color makeover, distressing , then added an antiquing touches. 

I love this wood candle stand. I added some berries but you can keep it simple with just a candle.

                                                 Displaying Tater.jpg  Displaying Tater.jpg  
Displaying Tater.jpg This vegetable bin has been freshened up and heavily distressed. You'd be surprised how many customers still look for this.
               Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.

Frosted Berries

Wanted to share with you  a New Scent. Frosted Berries... is a 

combination of so many bursting berry scents  all rolled into 

one scent. This is sure to be a  good year round berry - scent.    

Stop by and smell . More scent to be released, stay tuned.