Amazing Sight

Just had to share with you.  While taking a drive last night I came upon this sight. At first I began laughing and then I was amazed. The field was filled with  some geese ,duck and their babies .All you could see was their heads in the tall grass. I  wasn't  able to get really good picture because the car was making them move. Hope you'll enjoy as much as I did..


Jersey Blueberries are Here !!!

Jersey Blueberries are in full supply now. Just gotta love living in the "Garden State". We enjoy all Best  fruits,vegetables and all local. Blueberry pie is my favorite, along with muffins, pancakes.. you get the picture just about everything. What would you make?

Summer Pasta Salad

I enjoyed this delioucous  lemon orzo pasta salad last night. This is a refreshing salad that you can enjoy warm or cold the next day. Here's what you'll need:


Box of orzo pasta - use 1/2 a box
Carton of grape tomatoes, halved 
Bag of baby spinach
2 lemons
Vegetable zester
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook 1/2 box of orzo pasta according to the direction. Meanwhile in a large bowl, chopped baby spinach, halve the cherry tomatoes and layer in bowl. Zest both lemons along with the juice of one lemon. Toss everything to distrust the lemon . Once past is cooked, drain ,add pasta to vegetables. The heat from the pasta will warm veggies up. Now if you need or want more lemon flavor add juice from another lemon. Add salt & paper to taste. Enjoy !