July Hostess Special

You still have time to book your July Candle Gathering .
 Remember you can host a private gathering at our store, or I can bring the store to your home.

July Hostess Special 
When you host a gathering in July, your bonus gift is a tart warmer ( choose your style)  and starter warming oil.  
You'll earn free and 1/2 price items from your sales and future bookings .

Call or email Pat with your date.

856-358-1127 or

It's Tomato Pie Time

When Jersey Tomato's are out, I make this about 2-3 times a week, we just love it. So for now , on- the- vine  tomato's will do. I found this recipe on " Southern Plate" blog and have become of big fan of Christy's.

The only thing I do a little different, drain my tomatos for about an hour in a colander cause I don't want a soggy pie. I then marinated the tomatos in a plastic bag with balsamic for about 20 mins. I find it evenly favors the tomatoes more. These are just my own tips.
Here's her link

Hope you Enjoy !!!

Burlap Table Makeover

Just after I purchased this burlap sack, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I found a table that was perfect for the size for the burlap .I got to work painting it red , distressed and glaze in a darker shade.

I placed and stapled the burlap onto the table, and then applied several coats of glue to adhere the burlap to the top. What do ya think?


Makeover Cheapo Baskets - NO PAINT NEEDED

Did you ever wonder (like I did) how to make those cheap looking wicker baskets look more Prim. Here's an easy & cheap way of doing just that... with no paint .

Supply List:
*Basket of your choice ( You can find them cheap everywhere)
*Empty glass Jar ( I used an old pickle jar)
*Apple Cider Vinegar
* Couple of steel wool pads ( Brought it at the $$ store)
*Foam brush

Take an empty glass jar, fill it 3/4 with apple cider vinegar , add about 2- steel wool pads. Let this mixture sit over night.

Now I might suggest you take your supplies outside to finish, unless you don't mind the smell of vinegar in your home. Take your foam brush, dip it into the vinegar and paint your basket. You'll see it change almost immediately . The more times you apply the mixture to your basket, the darker it gets. For my basket above I applied about 2 coats.

It's that easy. Now you won't hesitate to buy those ugly basket next time you're at a yard sale or thrift store.


Furniture Makeovers

This project table was the collaboration of myself and a very talent artist
While I painted, distressed and aged the table, Kimberly hand painted the top design. She did an awesome job with all the details. This piece could accent any number of rooms in your home, and because of it's  small scale it's easy enough to move from one room to another .

This table is very detailed, and aged to perfection. This is another hand painted creation by

Each table is available for sale at: