DIY IPad Stand

Here's a quick solution I needed to use my iPad while cooking. Now my iPad is not replacing my collection of cookbooks, but I do find myself using my iPad more when cooking. First, you'll need to find a wooden cutting board in a style you like. Don't worry so much about the condition 'cause you're going to paint it.

List of Material:

1. Cutting board
2. Paint of choice
3. (2) 1"x3" for the rail ledge
4. Hinge
5. Screws, wood glue
6. Drill with screwdriver attachment
Take your cutting board and attach your 1"x3" on the front with glue and screw from the back. Once dry, paint the front & back. I dry brushed and distressed mine.  

On the back of the board, attach your hinge. Cut another piece of 1"x 3" the length of you board. What you're trying to do is make it stand up. You may need to adjust it so that it stand up .

Add you iPad and get cookin'! 



Rhododendron finally Bloomed

With the weird weather we've had, one day hot and humid the next day it's cold with a hail storm . My rhododendron finally bloomed. I'm not sure how old this plant is, I always look forward to it sharing it's beautiful blooms with me every year.

Mom and Babies

Look who made a home just outside my door. Even though I live in the county and experience all kinds of animals, I'm still in amazed at how they survive. This mommy  whom I've seen and spoken to (yeah I'm kinda weird) choose to make her home just outside my door. She even made a hole to burrow her babies while she's away.

For those of you traveling this holiday weekend or going to a family gathering ... Have a Safe Holiday Weekend.

Look what I picked today. Hand made strawberries from a chenille bedspread, package in a farmers basket.

Hostess Special

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DIY Colander Lamp

I've been wanting to make a Colander  Hanging lamp for a long time. It took a while to find one that had  stars on. So when I  found one, I  did the happy dance .

Here's  the  tutorial.

Supply List :

*Colander of choice
*Lamp Kit ( I got mine at Lowes . It had  Lamp the   wire , chain,  ceiling hooks)
*Pull Chain socket

Finial  for top of Colander' pipe thread if needed

1. Find the center of the colander, drill a whole the same diameter of your lamp fittings.

2. Thread wire through chain

3. Attach finial and thread pipe , pull lamp wire thru it .Carefully put aside .

4. Take your Pull chain socket  apart.

5. Take your chain & wire assembly , pull it thru the top of the colander and attach wires on to socket.
If you not able to the electrical wiring, have the hubby or  an electrician do this step.

6. Insert the appropriate size light bulb wattage.(I used a 40 watt)

Now your ready to hang and Enjoy !!

I just got back from Indiana after spending two weeks with my son. It's so rare to be able to spend  time with him since he's on the road about 25 weeks a year racing. While my son Brandon worked , my husband & I tackled some repairs to his home. One of the jobs my husband and son started was insulating and  dry walling his garage.

We toured where Brandon works at John Force Racing in Brownsburg, what an amazing operation.      


We ate the Mulberry Cafe, a themed restaurant was that of the  Andy Griffin show. Before you enter you'll notice  Sherriff Taylor police car. The decor made you feel like you were sitting in Aunt Bee's kitchen. There were TV's  streaming episodes of the show along with vintage commercial. The food was home cooking and delicious .
As we departed early  Mother's Day  to my surprise  my son  hide a very special  Mother's Day card in the car . I always treasure it and our time together .